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Since 1987, as in a large laboratory, we invent forms, we make tests, we produce different kinds of furniture, often designed “ad-hoc”.

And here's gin:ger, a skilful combination of lines and volumes in which technological elements, rigor of design and warmth of wood blend harmoniously. The suspended structure is characterized by a visible easel, which transforms into a stylistic element from a structural element. To highlight the open parts we chose the green color. In the monolithic top in Neolith the sink becomes one with the large worktop.


The pleasure of discovery as a continuous stimulus for careful planning, which interprets the spirit of the time and takes the form of unique products, the result of the skilful combination of functionality and aesthetics.


You will soon know  gin:ger.

The right time for a good gin herbal gin:ger tea

Moving within the home a game of fifth genres always different views. The environments are defined by the continuous dialogue between the elements that make up our most recent realization. Stone, walnut and stoneware with a concrete effect ... materials that with their characteristics and colors define the moodboard of this latest creation of ours.

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